Lincoln Chesterfield Wingback Chair Antique Leather

Chesterfield Wingback Chairs

When it comes to buying comfort, the antique Lincoln Chesterfield wingback chair is literally worth every penny. Deep cushioned seats combine with soft armrests and a high backrest to offer you the utmost comfort. There are no shortcuts when it comes to designing a wingback chair. Each part of the manufacturing process is carried out cautiously and meticulously to ensure you are left with the perfect wingback chair. The sturdy wooden base is made to be resilient, and once it is tightly covered in a strong leather wrapping, the wingback chair is virtually unbreakable.

The original wingback chairs were made for a very specific reason. They have been around for centuries, and their initial purpose was to keep out the cold. Traditionally placed in front of a fire, the conjoined back and armrest worked as barriers to keep the cold drafts out and to keep the heat in. The cushioned seats and soft backrest would ensure that the user could sit in the chair for hours on end without feeling any discomfort or aches.

The ergonomic features of the antique Lincoln Chesterfield wingback chair provide crucial support to one’s back, shoulders and arms. The back support extends as high as the head ensuring you can sit back and relax your shoulders. Sitting in the same chair for extended periods of time is difficult, especially chairs that don’t provide adequate back support. The lack of shoulder support in some chairs force the occupant to lean forward leading to an unnatural position. This causes a strain on the neck and shoulders and often leads to aches and pains. The average wingback chair allows the occupant to lean back comfortably thereby removing such problems.

In addition to the high comfort level and strong structure, a Chesterfield wingback chair is a stunning addition to the home. Its glowing leather surface gives it a vibrant shine and a unique, striking look. Whether you place the wingback chair in the hallway, the living room, the dining room or the study, its inimitable appearance ensures it will enhance the decor of any home.

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Second Hand Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield sofas are probably the most well-known piece of furniture in the world. Their iconic status is attributable to their link with English history and heritage. A unique design accentuated by soft low seats, conjoined back and arm rests and smooth leather exterior makes the Chesterfield sofa exceptionally comfortable as well as visually striking. Originally commissioned in the 18th century, Chesterfield sofas immediately soared in popularity. Throughout the decades many more Chesterfields were manufactured and now they are sold worldwide. The price of Chesterfield sofas remains high and opting for a second hand Chesterfield sofa is the best option for those with a limited budget.

Second hand furniture normally deteriorates considerably after constant use. However, the Chesterfield sofa is famed for its longevity and durable nature. Made from a sturdy frame and tough leather, these sofas are extremely robust which means your second hand Chesterfield sofa will, in all probability, have little or no damage. They will, however, have some sort of stains or blemishes having been in constant use. As a result you should give the sofa a thorough clean to ensure it is spotless and ready for use once again.

To remove stains/blemishes from the leather of second hand Chesterfield sofas you can buy specific oils. Rubbing the solution all over the leather exterior will bring the shine back to your sofa. Make sure clean the sofa with a dry piece of cloth once you are finished. If your sofa is in a particularly filthy state, make a solution of soap and detergent mixed with water and rub it gently on to the sofa with a wet cloth. Again, make sure you dry the sofa with a dry cloth once you have finished. Regular cleaning combined with the natural sturdiness of chesterfield sofas will ensure your second hand sofa can be used for years to come.

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Bespoke Chesterfield Sofas and Furniture

At Chesterfield Heritage we provide a variety of Chesterfield Sofas, Suites, Wingback Chairs and Footstools. Our luxurious furniture is designed and manufactured with your comfort in mind. Each sofa is customised to your specific requirements and needs, and made with a precision and finesse that fully demonstrates the quality of our craftsmanship.


Expertly constructed by hand, our combination of beautiful soft leather seats blend perfectly with padded armrests and cushioned backrests to offer unparalleled comfort. At Chesterfield Heritage we pride ourselves on style and sophistication. Each piece of Chesterfield furniture is made from the finest materials and exudes charm and elegance.


The desirability of this celebrated piece of furniture is further enhanced by its durability and quality. Our vintage English Chesterfields are aesthetically pleasing and provide glamour and chic to any home. Follow in the footsteps of English royalty and grace your home with this icon of the furniture world.

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The Unrivalled Appeal of the Chesterfield Sofa

With the increasing popularity and importance of home décor, the striking appeal of the Chesterfield sofa is difficult to ignore. Made from high quality leather fabrics, this piece of furniture exudes elegance and style. The Chesterfield sofa has been enhancing the interior design of homes for over 200 years. Originally, the sofa was used by English royalty and aristocrats; gracing the palaces and private homes of the rich and famous. However, over the years, the popularity of this iconic piece of furniture soared internationally, resulting in it being imported worldwide.

Buying a Chesterfield Sofa is a great way to improve the visual aesthetics of your home. Its classy look combined with its ability to provide soothing comfort make it an essential for any home. Its soft cushioned leather seats merge splendidly with its padded back and armrests offering tremendous relief and almost sensual satisfaction! The leather exterior of the sofa is simple to maintain and can be easily cleaned, especially in the event of common hazards such as spills or stains.

The key aspect as to why the Chesterfield sofa is popular worldwide is its unique and antiquated look. The Chesterfield sofa graces any room with a style and sophistication that is difficult to replicate. With its links to English heritage, this refined piece of furniture is a glamorous alternative to the everyday sofas in production today. Chesterfield sofas were traditionally made in black leather and this remains the most popular colour today. However, nowadays there are a wide selection of colours available, with anything from light brown to cream to olive green.

As these sofas as regarded as “classics”, there is no danger of them going out of fashion, offering you longevity and value for money. Its stunning appearance combined with its enticing and comforting curves make it a sofa for all times and periods. Soft to the touch, easy on the eye, and affordable in price, this classic sofa is a must for any household!

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The Chesterfield Sofa – the Most Popular Piece of Furniture in the World!

Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home; their purpose is twofold. The first condition of any sofa is that it should provide maximum comfort to the user. And the second condition is that it should enhance and improve the interior design of the home. Chesterfield sofas are one of the few pieces of furniture that guarantee both!

The Chesterfield sofa is designed with a deep, low seat; a soft, cushioned armrest and a strong, crested backrest ensuring a high level of comfort and ease. It is also one of the most recognisable pieces of furniture in the world. With its luxurious leather material, elegant style and antiquated look, it is easy to distinguish this sofa from any other piece of furniture in the world.


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Chesterfield Leather Sofas – How to take care of it?

A Chesterfield Sofa is a low maintenance beast, it’s designed to be rugged in construction, durable, and comfortable, just be sure you know what type of leather your sofas has so you know how to care for your chesterfield leather sofa.

The majority of Chesterfield sofas (not all) are upholstered with “Antique Leather”, a rub-off leather which has been partially treated and sealed, ensuring it remains family friendly. When the hides are initially removed, the hides are very thick; there is enough leather to split the skin into 2 pieces. The top piece becomes the “antique leather” which is used on chesterfield leather sofas; the underside forms the split, which some budget manufacturers use on sofas and furniture, but often it is used in contract upholstery, as the split leather is thicker, with a heavily imprinted grain. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two leathers is simply by touching them. Antique leather will be very smooth, and you will see small grain impressions, whereas split leather has a heavily embossed grain, and it’s a little crunchy to touch.


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Why Buy a Chesterfield Wingback Chair?

Wingback chairs are a personal experience. The whole family sits on the sofa at some point in the day, but not everybody sits on a wingback chair, because wing backs are special.

Wingback chairs are reserved for the family member, with the authority. When I was growing up, the special seat was reserved for my grandfather, who would spend hours and hours watching the racing, smoking large cigars, and generally living the good life. But if he ever caught you sitting in his seat, even for a moment, you would find yourself quickly ejected. The funny thing is, he wouldn’t even need to be in the same room as you, and somehow he knew you were sitting in his chair… it would scare the life out of you. He didn’t want anyone interfering with his mould, apparently, that special groove he’d spent the last 10 years carving.

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Chesterfield Sofas or Regular Sofas – Which One to Opt For?


Sofas are a significant piece of furniture; not only are they expected to provide comfort, but they are also supposed to add to the interior designs of one’s living room or house. Class and sophistication combined with practicality and usefulness have not always been an easy recipe to find!


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What to look for while buying Chesterfield Sofas?

Spending money is easy. But even the most expensive sofas do not guarantee you are buying the “best” Chesterfield sofa. The first thing you need to do is look at the store or website you are purchasing from. As an example, take a store in London, selling Chesterfield Furniture. In 95% of the cases, the store is simply buying in the sofas to sell, to turn a profit, and that’s fair enough. But that store, also has a huge lease to cover, with crippling business rates etc. So why should you pay up to 5 times of the “actual price” of the sofa, just to buy it in London? Unless you have money to burn, it simply doesn’t make sense.

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Why Buy Leather Chesterfield Sofa’s?

I think the most convincing argument to buy a leather Chesterfield sofa is the sheer value aspect. A British Handmade Chesterfield manufactured in Britain, with British components and leather sourced in the UK, will last for many years. Our new Chesterfields are designed with 25 years use in mind. Simply divide the cost of the sofa by it’s expected “use life” and you will clearly see the value for yourself. Obviously you will need to do your part to maintain your Chesterfield, but it’s simple with the correct instructions.

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